Business Case Writing And Advanced Business Case Writing Training Course in Accra, Ghana


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Business Case Writing and Advanved Business Case Writing course is designed to amalgamate the requirements of a basic as well as the advanced level of seeks who want to learn and improvise their skill of writing a business case.

Participants become more skilled at making their writing case clear, concise and correct.

Participants discover new techniques and develop skills to streamline their Business Case writing process and save time by focusing on what to write instead of how to write it. Everyone will see a dramatic improvement in their Business Case writing skills.

  • Introduction
  • Getting to know participants – identify participants’ learning objectives
  • What it Business Case, its purpose and understanding stakeholder objectives
  • Business Case Principles
  • Successful Business Case and Skills required
  • Stakeholder
  • Business Case models with real life examples
  • Input to Business Case
  • Element of Business Case
  • Contents of Business Case
  • Business Case Development Model
  • Business Case Development approach and capability
  • Business Case Template
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Exercises and real life Examples session on third day
  • Upgrade your writing to increase readability and credibility
  • Reduce response time to your email and letters by over 50%
  • Find ways to jump-start your writing and overcome procrastination
  • Make your writing clear, concise and correct
  • Get hands-on experience in writing effective emails, letters or reports
  • Identify and overcome your writing challenges
  • Quickly organize your thoughts and generate content
  • Improve sentence construction and paragraph development
  • Identify ways to make your writing simpler and easier to read
  • Eliminate numerous time-consuming revisions
  • Develop effective business letters for tough situations
  • Make emails more effective
  • Develop an appropriate writing style and format for letters, business cases and reports
  • Use standard ways of documenting materials