Business Case Writing Training in Shanghai

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Business Case Writing Training in Shanghai

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Business Case Writing Training in Shanghai
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Business Case Writing Classroom Training in Shanghai

20th May 2019

CNY 5990 (USD 970)


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Business Case Writing Training in Shanghai

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Corporate methodology execution relies on creating and implementing the best result in the working environment. Business case intends to impact the decision makers to measure the benefits of a project and make important action upon that. A business case aims at capturing all the data, securing the endorsement of HR and funds required to effectively accomplish the business projects.

Its purpose is to characterize the parameters, risks and administration variables required within a project. This certification concentrates on empowering the members to make and execute the Business Case in pragmatic field. The participants also learn how to see through the size and unpredictability of a task and convey out required solution for that.

By the end of this training you will be able to

  • Understand the key components of successful business
  • Identify the contrast between different types of Business Cases
  • Figure out how to basically assess a business case
  • Make a effectively structured Business Case contains the right information
  • Decide and suggest the most ideal methodology
  • Make an appropriate solution for business issues

The business case

What it is, its purpose and understanding stakeholder objectives

Seven-step process

A walk through a simple example from opportunity statement to conclusion

Cost/benefit analysis

Types of costs and benefits and how to quantify them

Presenting the information

Preparing an executive summary; tips on using graphs, tables, charts and slides

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Product managers
  • Product planners
  • Marketing managers
  • Directors
  • Corporate officers
  • Other staff required to write a business case.
  • Certainly characterize the project and solution scope
  • To give a working knowledge of the standards of composing a successful, exhaustive and convincing Business Case.
  • Become proficient in deciding and archiving risks, assumptions and dependencies
  • Have the capacity to create an expert business case document
  • Incorporate essential measurements, financial information and visuals to encourage the report
  • Use powerful and proper language to connect with and inform the audience