Finance For Non-Finance Professional Training Course in Cairo

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Finance For Non-Finance Professional Training Course in Cairo

Learners: 187
Finance For Non-Finance Professional Training Course in Cairo
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in Cairo

25th - 26th Oct 2019

EGP 25990 (USD 1455)
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Upto: 20th Sep 2019


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In today’s world understanding the financial strength of their strategic inputs is a real challenge that deter the growth of managers which is the outcome of a lack of financial background. Usually managers and employees work with no strong finance basics understanding, resulting in huge gap between finance and non-finance professionals. We recognize that you want a better grasp of the key terminology and concepts of finance concepts with practical hands on session to deliver significant improvements in your organization. Throughout this 2-day course, you will work on your own personal action plan to identify practical applications for the course in your organization. Mix of theories and case studies and exercises to ensure that you leave the course, ready to apply your new knowledge.
  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Operating Cycle
  • Costing
  • Budgeting, Forex and Taxation
  • Investment Appraisal Tools
  • This course will enable a non-finance professional to develop an understanding of business finance and the language used by accountants and those in finance along with understanding of basic accounting concepts and the flow of money in an organisation. You can expect the below after attending our workshop:
    • Understand the basic financial terminologies and the measurement of the business
    • Understand performance measurement and the links between managers' actions and company performance.
    • Manage more profitably.
    • Utilize financial analysis, tools and techniques to improve decision-making and presentation of proposals.
    • Use financial rations to judge any company performance and to compare it to the industry norm.
    • Calculate the no profit no losses point.
    • Understand the business cost behaviour.
    • Compare the company funding cost among the capital providers.
This course is ideal for those persons seeking a proper grounding in the fundamentals of finance and accounting, including:
  • Non-financial managers from backgrounds such as design, production, engineering, sales, marketing, legal, IT and HR
  • Entrepreneurs and consultants
  • Financial services managers seeking the basics of finance and accounting
  • Other non-financial specialists who wish to know more about finance and accounting
Note: Prior knowledge of accounting/finance is not required.

Participants will get a course completion certificate after the completion of the course from Skopoz.