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Blockchain Training Course in Australia

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This course covers the fundamentals on Blockchain and Bitcoins including the structure and respective mechanisms. The topics covered will be substance of consensus in transactions, procedures on transaction storage on Blockchain, bitcoin history and their usage and Ethereum platform including its programming language. This will enhance you in setting up a strong contract on private Ethereum Blockchain and carrying out the contract from web and console interfaces. Importantly, you can know how to create private Blockchain using multi-chain platforms.

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Transformation in trading units, Cryptography and Crypto-currency, Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Cryptocurrencies, Digital Signatures, Cryptocurrency Hash codes, Peer to peer networks (structured and unstructured)

  • Overview of Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain and its Origin, Why Blockchain is crucial and its objectives, Blockchain terminologies, Distinction between databases and blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Understanding Blockchain ecosystem and structure, How blockchain works, Types of blockchain

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Data Structures

Introduction to Bitcoin and its usage, Blockchain Data structures, Where and how to buy bitcoins, How to store bitcoins?, Bitcoin transactions, Blockchain block structure, Scripting language in bitcoin, Nodes and network of bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Mining

Introduction to Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin – Network and process, Bitcoin mining explained, Bitcoin cloud mining, Mining Developments – Incentives, Security

  • Buying and Selling Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallets, Applications of bitcoin script, Mobile Wallets

  • Extending Block chains

Why Extend the Blockchain?, Blockchain Objectives, Altcoins, Colored Coins, Side Contracts

  • Block Chain Adoption

Initial Adoption, Adoption Metrics, Blockchain Demographics and Geographic Distribution

  • Technology of Blockchain - Ethereum Network

What is Ethereum network and its usage, Ethereum ecosystem, DApps and DAOs, Understanding Ethereum mining, Learning Solidity in detail

  • Installing the development environment - Ethereum

Dive Into Working With Ethereum’s Core Development Tools – Mist, Various blockchain setup platforms, Using Ethereum to setup private blockchain, Different phases of contract Deployment, Account management and mining, Understand the different stages of a contract deployment, Understanding Decentralization At A Deeper Level

  • Prospects of the blockchain

Blockchain transforming business and professionalism, Blockchain and Public Policy, Central Banks & governmental regulations

  • Implement Blockchain using Hyperledger

Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Fabric Model, setting up development environment using Composer, Developing and testing business networks, various ways to create Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network

Hands-on Exercise – Setting up Hyperledger Fabric blockchain using Hyperledger Composer locally, developing business network, deploying & testing business networks.

Implementing Blockchain using MultiChain

Introducing MultiChain, privacy & permissions in MultiChain, mining in MultiChain, multiple configurable blockchains using MultiChain, setting up a private blockchain, creating a blockchain, connecting to a blockchain, some commands in interactive mode, using native assets, transaction metadata, streams, Round robin mining

Hands-on Exercise – Creating private blockchain, connecting to your blockchain, create a new asset and sending it between nodes, mining between nodes.

Anybody looking to upgrade their careers and get on the exciting blockchain bandwagon can enroll for this Skopoz blockchain training.

There are no prerequisites for learning the digital currency infrastructure blockchain technology.

Blockchain has been ushered in as one of the revolutionary technologies that can herald the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network which is the underlying infrastructure for bitcoin which is now finding increased applications across industrial sectors the prominent among them being banking and financial services. Taking the Skopoz. initiated training course can help individuals to make the best use of utmost scarcity of skilled & certified blockchain professionals and command big salaries. You can also be a part of the blockchain hyperledger community.

Blockchain technology today is very robust and there are a lot of aspects like Solidity programming language, distributed ledger cloud platform, ethereum & bitcoin cryptocurrency. Taking the industry-designed Skopoz blockchain training can help to master all these technologies and more.

  1. Understanding on Blockchain concept
  2. Concept on Ethereum blockchain
  3. Detailed hold on bitcoin and its respective network
  4. Fundamentals on Multichain
  5. Nodes inter-transaction
  6. Impact of Blockchain on business standard

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