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Data Science Foundation Training Course in United States

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Data science is the study of the generalizable extraction of knowledge from data, yet the key word is science. It incorporates varying elements and builds on techniques and theories from many fields, including signal processing, mathematics, probability models, machine learning, statistical learning, computer programming, data engineering, pattern recognition and learning, visualization, uncertainty modelling, data warehousing, and high performance computing with the goal of extracting meaning from data and creating data products. Data Science is not restricted to only big data, although the fact that data is scaling up makes big data an important aspect of data science.

  • Introduction to the Data Science Toolkit
  • Design Process and Web Scraping
  • Regression, Communicating Results
  • Databases and Introduction to Machine Learning Concepts
  • Machine Learning, Supervised Learning Techniques
  • Naive Bayes Algorithm
  • JavaScript and D3.js
  • APIs, Data Collection Methods,
  • NoSQL Storage, Web Apps with Flask
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Project
  • Gain better insights into the roles and responsibilities of a Data scientist
  • Understand Data science Project Life Cycle, Data Acquisition and Data Collection
  • Execute various Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Implement Recommenders with Apache Mahout and Data Transformation
  • Learn tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment
  • Understand Prediction and Analysis Segmentation through Clustering
  • Learn the basics of Big Data and ways to integrate R with Hadoop
  • Explore steps to install IMPALA
  • Work on two live Projects on Data science and Recommender Systems

This course is best suited to

  • Developers
  • Data analysts
  • Statisticians with basic knowledge of Apache Hadoop: HDFS, MapReduce, Hadoop Streaming, and Apache Hive.
  • SAS/SPSS Professionals looking to gain understanding in Big Data Analytics
  • Business Analysts wanting to understand Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Information Architects wanting to gain expertise in Predictive Analytics
  • Hadoop Professionals who want to learn R and ML techniques

Students should have proficiency in a scripting language; Python is strongly preferred, but familiarity with Perl or Ruby is sufficient.

Why Take Data Science Training?

This course provides an exploratory data analysis approach using concepts of R Programming and Big Data. Interestingly, you can learn multiple technologies with this single course.

Data science course certifies you for biggest, top-paid job opportunities in top MNCs working on Big Data, R Programming and Hadoop.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive Skopoz Certification with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

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