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Microsoft® Project 2016 Training in Saudi Arabia

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Microsoft® Project 2016 course is designed to familiarize participants to create a project plan such as working with tasks, making adjustments to tasks, outlining tasks, working with views, assigning cost and resources and assigning baselines so you can use it effectively and efficiently in a real-world environment.

Participants will then able to manage the project with skills learn such as working with calendars, adjusting resources, working with the critical path, using The Team Planner. Finally, participants will be able to execute the plan with skills such as progress tracking, evaluating and distributing data.

    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project

    Identify Project Management Concepts

    Navigate the Microsoft Project 2016 Environment

  • The Ribbon
  • The Breakage View
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Formatting

    Lesson 2: Defining a Project

  • Define a Project
  • Create a New Project Plan
  • Creating a Project Calendar

    Lesson 3: Creating and Organizing Tasks

  • Add Tasks to a Project Plan
  • Import Tasks From Other Programs
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Define Task Relationships
  • Schedule Tasks

    Lesson 4: Managing Project Plan Resources

  • Add Resources to a Project Plan
  • Create a Resource Calendar
  • Enter Costs for Resources
  • Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Resolve Resource Conflicts

    Lesson 5: Finalizing a Project Plan

  • Optimize a Project Plan
  • Set a Baseline
  • Share a Project Plan

    Lesson 6: Executing a Project

  • Enter Task Progress
  • Update Task Progress
  • Update Work
  • Update Costs

    Lesson 7: Monitoring Project Progress

  • View Project Progress
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Create Custom Views
  • Create a Network Diagram
  • Analyze a Project Plan

    Lesson 8: Controlling a Project Plan

  • Edit the Task List
  • Reschedule Tasks
  • Update a Baseline

    Lesson 9: Reporting on Progress

  • Format and Share a Chart View
  • View Existing Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Create a Visual Report

    Lesson 10: Customizing the Application

  • Change Project Options
  • Create a Project Plan Template
  • Share Resources
  • Link Project Plans
  • One should have basic project management knowledge and skills including the basic knowledge and skills for using any current Windows® operating system—preferably Windows 10.
  • One should also have competency in using other Microsoft Office applications—preferably Office 2016.

In this course, you will learn to create and engage in project using Microsoft Project Professional 2016

You will:

  • Identify project management concepts and navigate the Project 2016 environment.
  • Create and define a new project plan
  • Create and organize tasks
  • Manage resources in a project plan
  • Finalize a project plan

This course is designed for anyone who deals with the project and understands the project management concepts and who is responsible for creating and maintaining project plans. The course will give the student a fundamental as well as an advanced understanding of Microsoft Project 2016 necessary to create and save project plans, update a project plan in Project 2016 during the execution, monitoring, and controlling phases of a project.

1. Why need to learn MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013?

  • MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 is providing Project Management Tools for handling projects. This application allows users to understand and control project schedules and finances, help to organise work and people to make sure that projects are completed on schedule, communicate and present project information.

2. Who need to do this course?

  • This course can be done by anyone. Although this course is suitable for all those professionals who manage projects. This course is helping Project Managers, Executives and PMOs to deal with their assets better and increment their profitability.

3. What is the span of the exam?

  • Total time duration to complete MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 examination is 2 hours 15 minutes or 135 minutes.

4. What are the concentration territories of this exam?

  • The advanced features and how to use them are the main concentrated area for MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 examination.

5. What are the prerequisites to be gotten before applying for the certification?

  • There is nothing like that. It comes under open eligibility. Means it can be done by anyone. Preferably be a Project Management Professional who is hoping to enhance ability sets and need to learn new traps, tips and best practices.

6. Will I get the MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 certificate after completing this MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 certification training course?

  • Skopoz will provide a course-completion certificate on completing the MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 certification training course. MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 certification can be acquired by appearing for the exam.

7. Is exam expense incorporated into the course charge?

  • In a word NO. Exam expense is excluded in the course charge and the participant should pay the exam fee to attend the exam.

8. What does the training program offer?

  • Skopoz design this training to help both a fresher and an experienced person to understand the basic fundamentals of MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013. It gives a set of skills to handle a project. Skopoz’s training for MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 empowers the users to analyze and plan project resources, budgets and schedules. This preparation also gives expected abilities to qualify Exam 74-343 and acquire the MICROSOFT® Specialist credential.

9. How will be the practical done?

  • By following the instructions provided in the Installation guide present in the Login page. Install MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013 on the personal system and execute all the practical exhibit in the course.

10. Where to find more resources about MICROSOFT® PROJECT 2013?

We are suggesting few links. Although there are many resources available online:

11. Why Skopoz?

  • In Skopoz, we are providing world class learning to our learners with excellence and giving knowledge about what it takes to become a successful world-class professional.

12. Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the payment made?

  • Receipts are generating against each and every payment. All receipt will be sent to the registered email id via email.

13. Does the course fee include the examination fee as well?

  • Yes, very few courses like COBIT 5 course fees are included. But rest of the courses like PMP®, DMCP®, and DMCA® have not included course fees.

14. Are the certification exams papers based or online?

  • We have both facilities. It relies upon the sort of affirmation. For most courses, both alternatives are accessible.

15. Can I take the training now and give exam later point of the time?

  • Yes. It is dependent upon you when you choose to give your exam. But we prefer if our member able to finish his/her exam within one month of the preparation.

16. Do I get a copy of the participation certificate by post or by email?

  • For all the courses we provide a digital participation certificate by email. And the soft copy of the certificate will be provided by the certification body.

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