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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training in Canada

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Learners: 240

The Lean Innovation Six Sigma Black belt 5-days program will cover the most contemporary process improvement practices adopted by leading organizations and proponents of Lean Six Sigma in service industry as well as engineering firms within the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, & Control), DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) and IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize and Verify) frameworks

The Black Belt program, aims to explain in detail various Six Sigma tools. The Program extensively uses Minitab, specialized statistical software.

Define Phase
  • Define Phase Deployment
  • Define Phase Deliverables
  • Critical To Quality(CTQ)
  • Cost of poor Quality(COPQ)
  • Six Sigma Metrics
  • Defects Per Unit
  • Project Charter
Measure Phase
  • X-Y Matrix
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Anderson Darling Test
  • Box Plot
  • Time Series Plot
  • Type’s of MSA
  • Variable Gauge R & R
  • Process Capability
  • Z scores
Analyze Phase
  • Multi Vari Studies
  • Normality Test
  • Classes of Distribution
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • 1 Sample T-Test
  • 2 Sample T-Test
  • Paired T-Test
  • Levene’s Test
  • Chi-Square Test
Improve phase
  • Linear Correlation Coefficient
  • Simple vs Multiple Regression
  • Regression Steps
  • Transforming Process Data
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • 2 level Full factorial
  • 3 Factor Full Factorial Design
  • Orthogonal Designs
  • Center Points
  • Half Fractional Experiment
  • Confounding
Control Phase
  • Control Plan
  • Aligning Systems and Structures
  • Control Phase Steps
  • Improvement Selection Matrix
  • Lean Controls
  • Visual Factory
  • What is kaizen
  • What is Kanban
  • Defect Controls
  • Full automation
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Understanding Control Charts
  • Special Cause Test
  • Statistical Process Control(SPC)
  • Advance Capability
  • Discrete Capability
  • Continuous Capability
  • Business Information leaders/Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Quality Managers/ Quality Analysts
  • Hiring Managers/Team Leaders
  • Business Excellence Managers

It is preferable that candidates have some exposure to statistics prior to the training. The target audiences for the program are candidates with around 2 to 6 years of work experience in relevant field of organization excellence and wanting to learn about / deploy Six Sigma.