• Ehab Hafez  Regional Customer Success Director

    Very good training I will recommend ot to my colleages


  • Neelam Sharma  Senior Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland

    Good Training content equipped with practical examples


  • Atika Agustine  Process Engineer at PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk.

    Nicely arranged, &the content will be good for daily activities nicely delivered


  • Asmahanne Ibrahim  General Services Manager at Mubadala Petroleum

    The speaker & material was Excellent. The speaker was well prepared


  • Nick Kerr  National Product Development & Quality Manager at Hynds Pipe Systems

    Bette is Very good presenter


  • DINESH BHARDWAJ  Senior Manager - IT Program Management at Juniper Networks

    The training was very professional & the trainer was excellent in delivering the training


  • Katherine Pareja  IT Applications Developer

    Overall experience was positive,material provided was good and instructor answered questions effectively and interaction and exercise were helpful in learning concepts.

  • Keith Smith  

    Good Knowledge + Examples covered a Lot of materials as well


  • Della Saunders  Research Grant Development, Writing & Editing Manager - Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

    Training was awesome, Group discussions facilitated by our instructor were great inout from Varied industries showed Common and differing issues and where Ideas to Improve could be translated Industry to industry


  • Subramanian K  Defiance Technologies Limited (A Hinduja Group Company)

    Good Training Experience


  • Sungjee Kim  Defiance Technologies Limited (A Hinduja Group Company)

    Training was good

  • Nicholle Beniekerian  International Marketing at UBIMET

    Very nice instructor, who was very informative


  • Dina Aboul Fotouh  Country Sales Manager at Good New4me

    The instructor has a great caresma and she is very loving person to hear from.


  • Manu Krishnan  Project Engineer

    Trainer was good & shared lots of information with regards to the main areas of the Course


  • Vikas Jakate  Asst.Vice President - Technology Centre ( Apparatus )

    Program was very good & interesing & the faculty was good


  • Satish Daivajna  

    The training was very Good

  • Amit beria  Project Manager

    The trainer is experienced and Good


  • Johhny Mauchline  Business Development and Operations Manager - EIS Automation & Electrical

    Good Engaged presentation by the Speaker


  • Amanda Marchan  Project Manager

    Training was Excellent, Trainer was very Experienced and very helpful, I learned a lot from the course that i can apply to my work


  • Nicki Burns  Marketing and Communications Officer chez Codalis SA

    Good Trainer, good location, good organisation and good group and the real life case examples which are used in the session was very useful


  • Suman Chisty  AVP and Unit Head of General Administration & Logistics at BRAC Bank Limited

    Very Good


  • Uttara Kavatekar  

    Trainer is very Good And knowledgeable about the subject

  • Holly Mego  Divestment Officer

    Knowledgeable well presented presentation


  • Keshab  Sr. Manager-Technical Publications

    Overall Good Experience


  • Bala Baskar  Sr.Manager - Program Management at Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd

    Overall Good Experience & the trainer was good


  • Mohammad Ashraf  Project & Planning Specialist

    It was nice to be part of course and good learning experience

  • Lance Willson  Construction Programming Expert

    Facilitator Rehana was Excellent always provided answers even if it was required a source research.


  • Jamie Fisher  Project Engineer

    Training was well organized


  • Kim Campbell  Sr, HR Manager at Sierra Systems

    The instructor saved the day . This would be meaningful learning experience.


  • Hilda Johnson- Bogaerts  Group Office Administrator-The Selwyn Foundation

    Training was well organized


  • Noura Al Shamisi  

    The training was very interesting and helpful. I really learned a lot and I wish to thanks. The trainer is very helpful and energetic staff. The experience overall was enlightening

  • E Jabastin Charles  Team Leader

    The training is Really useful & required for future Fulfilled the requirements.


  • Taimur Khan  

    The quality of training was very useful for me

  • Syed Sami  Sr. Project Manager at ABANA Enterprises Group Co.

    The training is good


  • Sopheak Sam  IT Applications Developer

    Content is Straight to the point Sufficient details, Great Course provided an well overview on Agile


  • Selo Ginandja  Sr. Design & Application ENGINEER

    Training was organized well

  • Ariful Islam  

    This is the such type of course. Who want to accelerate his professional achievementhigher then need to do it.

  • Liv Moen  Project Manager

    The training was good, adopted to our needs

  • Debbie Brupbacher  EU Transformation - Snr Manager

    Training was Good


  • Nitin AG  

    The training was experienced. Overall Good experience

  • Abdulrahman Ehab Sherazy  Senior Architect at Midrar Development Management

    The training was excellent for me. I am fully satisfied and I got and have learnt more than what excepted


  • Mai Yousri  Cards Portfolio Manager- Marketing Department

    Trainer above expectation


  • Iqbal Ahmed  Project Manager at Saudi Ericsson Communications Co Ltd

    The overall experience was good, trainer of the course was also very friendly and helpful

  • Ramy Ezzedine  

    The registration process is easy and customer service is very good

  • Krystal Cheng  Sales and Project Manager

    Lecture is very helpful

  • Mahmoud Ahmed Sabry  Civil Engineer

    I think this only thing I feel your way is very good

  • Gert Noordzy  

    Good facilitator


  • Rafal Kolodziejski  Commercial Development Manager at Wilhelmsen Techncial Solutions

    Very Interesting Course with Valid Input for people


  • Mr.Vincent Biauce  Project Management Office at BKCP

    Very Structured Training


  • Gaurav Rao  Associate-IT

    The trainer was excellent for the Workshop