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Lean and Kanban Training in United States

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Certified Lean Kanban Foundation is a highly interactive, two day course accredited by the Lean-Kanban University (LKU) which provides in-depth training in Kanban practices and the principles that underpin the Kanban method, including a fully immersive Kanban simulation. This course is delivered both as a public schedule course and as a private, in-house course.

The Kanban method is an evolutionary approach to change and change management which starts with what you do now, respecting current roles, responsibilities and job titles, and encouraging acts of leadership at all levels. By agreeing to pursue incremental, evolutionary change that evolves business processes using a Kaizen approach the risks associated with complex change programmes can be reduced.

  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Definition of the Kanban Method
  • Kanban in action: immersive Kanban simulation
  • Using a kanban system: practical lessons from the simulation
  • Introduction to STATIK: Systems Thinking Approach To Introducing Kanban
  • Identifying internal and external motivation for change
  • Demand analysis for different types of work
  • Mapping the workflow
  • Discovering different classes of service
  • Choosing system replenishment and delivery frequencies
  • Kanban system design

Anyone who is involved in product development or knowledge work, from any position would be suitable to attend this course. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Product/project managers
  • Product/software developers and testers
  • Business analysts
  • High-level management positions.

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