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Angular JS 2.0 Training in United States

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AngularJS, is an open-source web application framework maintained by Google which helps tackle problems of developing applications. Its goal is to simplify both development and testing of applications using model–view–controller (MVC) architecture, AngularJS reads HTML page, and interprets data that is used to get the favourable output. JavaScript is the language that is used for AndgularJS.

It follows the MVC pattern. Angular JS provides server based services and provide light weight web sites. In this training we cover Directives, Controllers, Filters, Events, Modules, Routing, Dependency Injection etc.

  • Build RIA using Angular.js
  • Exploit two-way binding offered by Angular.js
  • Use dependency injection for better maintainability
  • Understand and use various directives offered by Angular.js
  • Create custom directives
  • Use grunt.js for commonly performed tasks in JavaScript application development
  • Use bower.js for client-side dependency management
  • Introduction & First AngularJS App
  • Putting Angular JS in Context
  • HTML and CSS Primer
  • JavaScript Primer and A real Application Navigation and Checkout
  • Administration Anatomy of an AngularJS App
  • Using Binding and Templet Directives
  • Using Element and Event Directives Working with Forms
  • Using Controllers and Scopes
  • Using Filters and Creating Custom Directives Creating Complex Directives
  • Advanced Custom Directive Features Working with Modules and Services
  • Services for Global Objects, Error and Expressions
  • Services for Ajax and Promises
  • Services for REST and Services for Views
  • Services for Animation and Touch Services for Provision, Injection and Services for Testing

Web developer who wants to build best-of-breed web applications with the simplicity and elegance of JavaScript.

  • Developers
  • IT- Architects
  • Should be familiar with any one web development technologies
  • Should have intermediate level exposure in JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of Single Page Application structure.
  • Laptop with installations like Git, Node JS, Web Storm /IDE, and Node JS packages (Express, Karma).

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