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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training in United States

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Skopoz training and confirmation is ideal for applicants who need to develop in the quality sector. Lean Six Sigma is a business procedure which is utilized across commercial enterprises to upgrade the nature of the products or administrations.

Lean Six Sigma is a fastidious, planned approach of mediations and issue determination that empower organizations to perceive which business procedures are not executed as required. This strategy is quickly gaining acknowledgment in the service industry because of the radical changes and cost sparing it provides. Lean Six Sigma experts work towards upgrading efficiency, reducing pivot times and accomplishing budgetary advantages.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is the second level of accreditation, after the White Belt. Guaranteed Yellow Belts can function as a colleague in a Lean Six Sigma Project Team. Yellow Belts are in charge of observing and assessing work advance and process upgrades. Six Sigma certified expert chip away at a consistent quality development by analysing and taking care of value problems, and making an elite organisation.

Session 1: Lean Six Sigma Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Higher Standards for Higher Performance
  • Lean Six Sigma Defined
  • What's In a Name?
  • The 5 Lean Principles
  • Success Stories
  • Input Determines Output
  • The 99.9% Problem
  • The Sigma Level
  • DNA of a Champion
  • Lean Six Sigma Framework
  • DMAIC - The Lean Six Sigma Improvement Process
  • Lean and DMAIC
  • Organizing for Success
  • Working Relationships
  • Session 1 Skill Check

Session 2: Tools To Define

  • SESSION 2 - Introduction
  • Project Charter Toolset
  • Focus on The Customer
  • Capturing The Voice Of The Customer
  • Where to Go For Customer Requirements
  • Affinity Diagram Toolset
  • CTQC Tree Diagram Toolset
  • Voice Of The Customer As Specifications
  • Process Thinking
  • The Source of Value
  • Value Stream Leverage
  • Process Mapping - Overview
  • Process Mapping (SIPOC) Toolset
  • Flow Charts
  • Value-Added Flow Charts
  • Spaghetti Charts
  • Value Stream Mapping Toolset
  • Session 2 Skill Check

Session 3: Tools To Measure

  • SESSION 3 - Introduction
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • Measurement As A Process
  • Baseline Performance
  • Calculating the Sigma Level - Toolset
  • Trend Chart Toolset
  • Histogram Toolset
  • Quantifying Process Variability
  • SPC - Introduction and Background
  • X and Moving Range Charts - Toolset
  • Pareto Chart Toolset
  • Session 3 Skill Check

Session 4: Tools To Analyze

  • SESSION 4 - Introduction
  • Cause & Effect Diagram Toolset
  • 5-Why, 1-How
  • Scatter Plot Toolset
  • Correlation and Regression Analysis
  • Session 4 Skill Check

Session 5: Tools To Improve

  • SESSION 5 - Introduction
  • Brainstorming
  • Benchmarking
  • FMEA Toolset
  • Continuous Flow Toolset
  • Quick Changeover Toolset
  • Pull Scheduling
  • Error-proofing
  • Prioritizing and Selecting a Solution
  • The A3 One-Page Report
  • Piloting a Solution
  • Session 5 Skill Check

Session 6: Tools To Control

  • SESSION 6 - Introduction
  • Control Charts Revisited
  • 5-S Approach
  • Visual Control
  • Control Plan
  • TPM Objectives & Benefits
  • Standardized Work - Documenting Process Changes
  • Session 6 Skill Check
  • Course Completion
  • The Lean Six Sigma Journey

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt capability is the second level project intended for experts and understudies who need to build up the capacity to lead process-change activities. It would be appropriate for Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors who can take choices for their team and any individuals who needs fundamental critical thinking abilities.

There are no prerequisites for this course with the exception of an ability to take an interest and a receptive outlook.

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